Pleased to meet you

hocaboo is a young and ambitious company based in Berlin. We're an international team of hospitality insiders, recruiters and software developers with one goal:
Boosting Hospitality & Careers.  

Our mission

hocaboo makes things easier - for employers and candidates. We help companies filling their vacant positions and talents to find the job they want. We're from the industry and want to change things for the better.

Human resources in hospitality hasn't really evolved over the past 20 years. Compared to OTAs and their impact on the operative, recruiting especially seems to still be stuck in the 90s and expenses in this field are often considered extravagant. That's one of the reasons why many day-to-day tasks are still being handled manually, resulting in an unnecessary waste of time and money. Todays job boards are unpractical and inefficient as well. Their outdated technology is one of the reasons why less and less talents use these old school channels to apply for jobs. The established but solely passive post-and-pray model is still in place, mostly due to a lack of innovative alternatives. The truth is this status quo is posing a threat to the future and prosperity of the entire industry.

But things are changing. More and more companies understand that the world is a different one now and progressive human resources management is key to every successful business and a crucial factor for growth. We support your business in proactively reaching out to talents - something that is completely new to hospitality, especially since we offer it automated. Contacting talents directly on their smartphone and communicating with them without the usual formalities is crucial to a industry where interpersonal relationships are part of every day operations for most employees. Companies that are already using hocaboo simply have a competitive advantage.

We're focused on reducing the workloads of our clients - both employees and businesses - and making it easier for them to connect with each other. We currently do this in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but are excited to enter new markets soon. Apart from scaling our existing business we want to further tap into AI as it will help us gather the data that really matters. Forecasting the moment an employee will leave his company is one of the things we're looking forward to do. Our current focus might be recruiting but we consider it more of a first step. hocaboo will eventually become a complete solution for human resource professionals in the hospitality industry.

The overall growth projection for the entire hospitality industry and future trends like global job migration are the reason hocaboo has hit the zeitgeist. Companies needs our service now and we have the perfect timing. We are proud of the product we've created and are dedicated to make the best industry in the world a little bit better.

Our team

Dirk is schooled in the United States and has a deep understanding of young companies and their needs. He's an entrepreneur with a successful exit history.
Tom is a natural born leader and our James Bond when it comes to technology. He studied software development and is the master of the 0's and 1's.
Alexander studied in the US where he learned all about the hands-on mentality and to think goal-oriented. At hocaboo, he passionately directs daily operations and ensures that everyone is on the same page.
Performance Marketing Manager
Karine is the most passionate and enthusiastic person, when it comes to marketing. Her digital content is the production of the fusion of her creativity, international experience and professionalism.
Senior Software Engineer
Tega has a degree in Computer Science and is a passionate backend developer. He is as talented as he is charismatic and drives the entire team with his attitude to work.
Administrative Assistant
Soraya knows how to run a business, and that's why she keeps us in order. She doesn't have a headache with mountains of files and finances - unlike us.
Director of International Affairs
Alexandra seems to have an eternal source of energy and approaches every task with genuine excitement and dedication. She has a degree in Hospitality, as a native in this field she is a perfect match for the team.
Jaqueline probably is one of the most organized people on the planet - a talent that is rarely found. She always keeps an eye on all figures and embodies the all-rounder in the team. It helps everyone to get their job done.
Thuy Anh
Thuy Anh (or "Ala") is doing an internship in Sales & Marketing with us. She comes from the Glion Institute for Higher Education and we can't imagine life without her.
Hendrik comes from the Les Roches school for Hotel Management and is doing an internship in Sales & Marketing with us. He is truly a natural talent and actively supports us.