Pleased to meet you

hocaboo is a young and ambitious company based in Berlin. We're an international team of hospitality insiders, recruiters and software developers with one goal:
Fill hospitality vacancies faster

Talent sourcing for hospitality

Why we do it?
We're convinced recruitment advertising is marketing. We know that our clients need a partner to effectively market themselves as an employer of choice.

How we do it?
We call it IMS. It stands for integrated multi-channel sourcing and uses smart technologies to introduce the right people to the right opportunities. Our clients rely on us to drive candidate interaction with them and their brand as an employer.

What it means for our customers?
Less effort, much better results.

Our team

Dirk is an entrepreneur with a knack for strategy. After a career at AIG, Daimler and Mastercard, he discovered his passion for start-ups. He brings leadership, a proven track record, 30 years of experience and a large personal network.
Tom is a visionary tech expert with strong execution and leadership skills, obsession with detail, and a passion for agile development and automation. Previously worked as a freelancer for companies such as BCG, BMW, and Ticketmaster.
Alexander is a trained business psychologist with a background in strategy and execution consulting. He brings experience in change management, operations and compliance plus a wealth of knowledge of the hospitality industry.
Head of Sales
Patrick is a seasoned B2B sales leader with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Previously led key account sales for European high-growth start-up mytaxi.
Head of Business Development & Strategy
Alex is a FinTech and Digital veteran with more than two decades in global blue-chip and start-up sales and strategy. He brings a solid track record in business transformation. Recently, his focus has been on recruitment marketing.
Senior Software Engineer
Tega brings over 8 years’ experience building scalable back-end applications for two e-Commerce giants. He previously consulted for KPMG and is now our DevOps advocate, who focuses on software architecture and automation.
Office Manager
Soraya comes from the hospitality industry and has over 30 years of professional experience. As a former hotel manager, she knows how to run a business, and that's what she does best. She doesn't get a headache from mountains of files and finances - unlike us.
Director of International Affairs
Alexandra is a real powerhouse with a background in international business and hospitality. She comes from the hotel management school Les Roches and is in charge of researching international markets for potential expansion.
Performance Marketing Manager
Emina is a social media specialist and manages our digital projects and client campaigns. With a master's degree in media communications and marketing experience for companies such as Sony and FlixBus, she is an important part of our team.
Working Student in Digital Marketing & Content Creation
Sophia is curious and creative - her focus lies on the conceptualization, design and production of text and visual content. Leveraging her background in business communications, she contributes to our digital presence as a brand.
Sales & Marketing Intern
Daniel joins us for six months from the hotel management school Les Roches. He puts his energy and passion for hospitality to good use in our sales team. If you haven't spoken to him yet, you probably will soon.