Successfully integrate Social Media into your recruiting strategy

With hocaboo your brand is where the candidates are - online, especially on social media and mobile platforms.

The key to success

Social media improves the quality of and enables a precise alignment of your employer branding strategy. It is a fast and easy way to improve your image while also increasing the reach of your company.
It’s a great way to market to B2E (Business to Employees) and B2T (Business to Talent), as you will be able to tell a story, stand out from your competitors and add value to your brand.
Social Media opens up a dialogue between you and your target audience, enabling them to engage back with you directly and immediately, which improves the perception of your brand.
Job seekers perspective towards a company has become an important factor, which makes a strong Social Media presence of your business essential.

Use the advantages of hocaboo

Experienced Social Media and Business Psychology Professionals, who will help promote and optimize your brand on different types of Social Media platforms of your choosing.
Hospitality Focus
Specialised within the hospitality industry and with a background in Human Resources, we will post specifically tailored content to make your Social Media appearance stand out.
Unlimited Reach
We use major global players, platforms and tools with more than 3.5 billion users to help sustainably strengthen your business’ Social Media presence.

You want to benefit from Social Media?

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